Who We Are


We are a creative collective hungry for quality in aesthetics.
We want to develop unique and surprising pictures, moving and still.
We collaborate with upcoming talents and characters.
We work together with agencies, labels and organizations on different projects.

Contact us for projects in photography and film.
As also for collaborations on set and post production.


idea & concept / story development / organisation / crew network / equipped studio / 4k + raw workflow / editing / retouch / grading / motion design / finishing

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Tina Gauff

Photographer & Director

Tina Gauff is a freelance photographer and videographer. She studied photography, film and graphic design in Nuremberg and is now based in Berlin. Her work is characterized by a hint of playful and ironic emotions.

Tine Lipski


Tine Lipski is a freelance photographer, currently based in Hamburg. The concept development and implementation of staged photography fascinates her the most.

Flo Sommer

DP & Editor

Flo Sommer is a freelance filmmaker, focusing on commercial, music and shortfilms. He studied film, graphic design and photography in Nuremberg and is now based in Berlin. Today he is also part of the production company UFA lab.